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About Us

About Our Company

Reissopto-LED.com, the online sales department of Reissopto-LED, offers a wide range of LED screen accessories to meet your needs. Our product selection includes LED control cards, LED sender cards, LED receiver cards, asynchronous controller cards, LED video processors, LED power supplies, LED modules, and LED cabinets. We are committed to providing high-quality products at the best prices.

With our extensive experience of eleven years in the LED screen industry, we have established strong relationships with various LED control card manufacturers in China. This enables us to offer competitive prices and ensure short delivery times for our LED-mall products. Additionally, we proudly sell LED modules and LED cabinets manufactured by our own company, Reissopto-LED, on this online store. We believe that consolidating all our LED screen products in one convenient platform will enhance the shopping experience for our clients.

We understand the significance of using quality LED screen accessories, as they directly impact the overall performance of the LED screen. At LED-mall, we prioritize high-end accessories that greatly enhance the product's performance. Whether you need a LED controller card, LED sender card, LED receiver card, asynchronous controller card, LED video processor, LED power supply, LED modules, LED cabinets, or any other accessory, you can find them in the best possible quality and at reasonable prices with us. Over the years, we have built a loyal customer base by consistently delivering top-notch products, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery services.

When it comes to LED screen products, LED-mall is the ultimate destination. We strive to provide exceptional quality, competitive prices, and fast and hassle-free delivery. Choose LED-mall for all your LED screen accessory needs.


Reissopto-LED: Leading Innovation in Premium LED Display Solutions
Reissopto-LED, a renowned name in the industry, leads the way in delivering innovative and premium LED display solutions. Our LED displays set the benchmark with unrivaled quality, reliability, and visual excellence. From indoor advertising to outdoor signage and stage performances, Reissopto-LED offers versatile displays tailored to diverse applications. With cutting-edge features like high refresh rates, exceptional contrast ratios, and seamless designs, we ensure an immersive user experience. Our successful collaborations across industries testify to our ability to enhance brand image, captivate audiences, and drive business growth. Backed by our comprehensive customer service, including installation guidance, responsive support, and remote monitoring, we provide a seamless experience. Embracing sustainable practices, our energy-efficient LED displays contribute to a greener future. With Reissopto-LED, you gain a trusted partner committed to leading innovation in the LED display industry.

Quality Control

Stringent quality control ensures our products meet high standards. Rigorous inspections, advanced testing, and continuous improvement drive our commitment to quality.

Refund Guaranty

    You can pay by credit card through Paypal, which offers complete buyer protection and avoids having to share any of your financial information.


    We use courier like DHL, UPS,FedEX, EMS, ARAMEX and TNT, which are fast and safe. Usually, you can receive the goods in 2 to 6 days after pickup.

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