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Xi’an Novastar Tech(also called Novastar or Nova) has been a global leading LED display controller provider since 2013. They design and develop synchronous control system, asynchronous control system, calibration system, could-basd information publishing and management system,etc. Their most popular LED screen controller products include Novastar LED sending card(MSD300, MSD600), Novastar LED sending box(MCTRL300,MCTRL600, MCTRL500,MCTRL660,MCTRL700,MCTRL660 PRO,MCTRL4K),Novastar LED receiving card (MRV336,MRV300-1,MRV328,MRV366,MRV210-1,MRV320-1,MRV410-1,MRV470-1,MRV500-1, Armor A4S), asynchronous control card(Taurus T1,T2,T3,T6,T8,TB1,TB2,TB3,TB6, TB6), all-in-one multi-functional LED display controller processor(VX4S, NovaPro HD, VX6S, MCTR5) optic fiber converter(CVT310,CVT320, CVT4K-M, CVT4K-S),function card MFN300, light sensor NS060-5A, temperature sensor MTH310, monitoring card MON300.

       Our company EagerLED has established close business relationship with Novastar LED since 2011. That is why we have much lower purchase price for all Novastar control system products. You can find the competitive prices on this store.  What is more, we have kept the popular models in stock, to meet the quick delivery request. Last but not the least, we can offer technical support on Novastar LED controllers and software. 

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