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Kystar Technology is one of the most well-known LED video processor suppliers in China. Since its foundation in 2011, Kystar has been engaged on LED video processor and LED video splicer, which includes K600, KS880, KS910P, KS920P, KS928, KS938, KS948 and KS9000. People from LED display industry discovers that Kystar started to push its own LED display control system in 2018. It is said that Kystar control system is accepted by some users in mainland China, India and Vietnam, due to its low cost. Kystar may become one of the important control system suppliers in China, like Colorlight and Linsn, in the coming years?

Our company EagerLED is Kystar’s offical distributor for all its products. That is why we can sell all Kystar video processors and control cards with competitive prices and quick delivery. If you need any Kystar products, please contact us for proposal and quotation.  

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