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Colorlight has been one of the most professional LED display solution providers in China during the past 10 years. Colorlight has focused on the R&D, production and services on full color LED screen controller since its establishment.

Colorlight’s main products includes Colorlight Z-series super controller(Z6,Z4), Colorlight X-series controller(X16,X8,X4e,X4,X3,X2,X1), Colorlight S-series sender(S2 sending card, S2 sender box, S4 sender box and S6F HD sender box), Colorlight i-series receiving card(5A-75E, 5A-75B, i5A, i5A-F, i5A-905, i5A-907, i5A, i6, i9), Colorlight C-series media player(C2,C3,C4, C6,C7), and Colorlight accessories(iM9 multifunction card, SSR-L29 brightness sensor, SSR-L16 brightness sensor, SSR-TEMP temperature and humidity sensor, H2F, H16F and H16F-N optic fiber converters).

Colorlight offers all kinds of LED display solutions, such as, advanced solution for high-end LED display project, better solution for popular fixed and rental LED screen, cloud service cluster management solution and 3D display solution. 

Our company EagerLED has close cooperation relationship with Colorlight these years. Through this online store, we sell all Colorlight controllers, cards and accessories with competitive prices and easy shopping process. What is more, we offer full technical support if you order Colorlight control system and LED displays or LED modules from us. If you have any query in using Colorlight control system, you can talk with our online service.

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